Those who have been in Dresden for several days or who have been to our town more often can get inspiration for excursions in the surrounding area on these pages.

Together I explore with them: the varietal characteristics with Meißen, Moritzburg and Radebeul – or even the Elbe sandstone mountains, our Saxon Switzerland with the Viewpoint Bastion, the town of Pirna, the fortress Königstein and many more. To the bus trip Saxon Switzerland, you can also Pillnitz easily or you visit the Castle and Park Pillnitz as an extra excursion with us.


Take a tour of the city or the nature during a hike or Enjoy a guided bike tour, wine tasting, porcelain production and much more is possible in Dresden’s surroundings. I would be happy to assist you in the compilation of the excursion programme.

Meißen Ausflug

City tour of Meissen

Here in Meissen, the cradle of Saxony, not everything revolves around “white gold” – the porcelain.

The historic old town Meißens with its winding lanes and the many paths and steps up to the Castle Hill invites you to a pleasant city tour. On the Castle Hill itself not only the cathedral and the Albrechtsburg are worth seeing, but also hidden viewpoints from where you can look over the varietal characteristics. The city tour itself takes approx. 90 minutes.

During this half-day excursion you have time to visit with me as a tour guide, also the porcelain manufactory Meissen, or to look closer to the castle and the cathedral.

Tip: The excursion can be extended with a guided tour to Moritzburg or Radebeul for a full day trip.

Duration from 5 hours (from/to Dresden)/cost from 190 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

Bicycle excursion from Dresden to Meißen

A trip to Meißen times different. Cycling from the historic old town of Dresden to the west of the city. A lot of industrial history characterises this region, although Schloss Übigau is also part of the crane. Former suburbs of Dresden are to pass and we reach Radebeul – the Saxon Nice in the middle of the wine route. Here a stopover in the village green Altkötzschenbroda inserted and the Elblandschaft shows itself again at its best. A lot of nature and the first granite rocks of meißen become visible before we arrive in this idyllic city. A small stroll through the city without a bicycle is planned here. The guided bicycle tour can be extended with a visit to the porcelain manufactory. For the way back we use the cycle path on the other Elbe and also pass by the Gohliser Windmill and can take a look at the former Dresden airport. The Canalettoblick – seen by the city of Elbe – will be the tour conclusion.

Tip: Since the ships of the Saxon steam cruise depart from/to Meißen, a (part) route can also be completed by ship. For this longer tour (6-8 hours) You can also organize a packed lunch for your group or reserve seats in a suitable restaurant/Biergarten/ostrich business. We would be happy to put together a tour tailored to your group with desired tours and options.

Duration from 6 hours/cost from 225 EUR (incl. VAT, max. 20 persons per guest guide)

Meißen Fahrradausflug

Bus tour to Moritzburg

Duke and Elector Moritz of Saxony settled in the 16th century. In the end of the century a hunting lodge was built northwest of Dresden. No less than August the strong built the castle Moritzburg ca. Two centuries later in Baroque style. Walking through the castle and strolling along the artificial lake landscape can be easily combined with this city tour. The excursion in Moritzburg also becomes an experience by bicycle.

Tip: Combine this guide with a ride on the narrow gauge railway “Lößnitzdackel” from Moritzburg to Radebeul or in the other direction.

Duration from 3 hours (from/to Dresden)/cost from 135 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

Park Tour Dresden-Pillnitz

I invite you to explore with me the castle Park of Dresden-Pillnitz with a parking guide.

Already August the strong used the castle complex as the destination of his numerous gondola parts on his “Canale Grande” (Our Elbe). Summer parties and ring races were held in Pillnitz. After the time of August of the strong, the Electors and kings of Saxony further expanded the park under botanical viewpoints. So we can in the Pillnitz Castle Park etc. Marvel at the oldest camellia in Europe today.

Tip: Integrate the excursion to Pillnitz into a Dresden city tour or a tour to Saxon Switzerland. It is also possible to ride a paddle steamer from/to Pillnitz.

Duration ca. 1 hour/cost from 75, 10 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

Parkführung Pillnitz

Bike tour to Dresden-Pillnitz

We explore the eastern Elbe Valley of Dresden on this bike tour to Dresden-Pillnitz. During the guided tour of the city by bike we pass through mighty bridges, can admire the romantic Elbe valley with its vineyards and Elbschlössern. In Blasewitz we ride the bike over the blue wonder to the other Elbe. Passing by contemplative villas and former winegrower’s houses, we pass Loschwitz and Hosterwitz. The castle and park Pillnitz await us soon afterwards. Get to know the Pillnitz Castle Park in a small guided tour before you return to the city centre.

Tip: By the way, the return journey can also be made optionally with a ship of the Saxon steam Shipping company. We are happy to advise you on various options. Please note that entrance fee has to be paid for the Castle Park Pillnitz. If you want to make this tour longer and more comfortable, we can also reserve seats in a restaurant/beer garden or take packed lunches for a picnic on the way.

Duration from 4 hours/cost from 160 EUR (incl. VAT/MAX. 20 persons per guest guide)

Guided tour of Radebeul

I can offer various guided tours in Radebeul, a beautiful place west of Dresden, as a guest guide.

Wine-growing characterizes this area as well as the age Ruhesitze of the well-heeled. In the German “Nice” also Karl May lived, who became known with Winnetou & old Shatterhand as well as other Indian stories. The town of Radebeul can be experienced by bus, but also a guided tour through Altkötzschenbroda or the vineyards is recommended.

During a guided cycling tour through Radebeul You can also get to know wineries, wine, Elbwiesen and much more.

I would be happy to provide you with an offer for a guided tour of Radebeul.  

Duration Lt. Agreement/Cost Lt. Individual offer


Leadership of Saxon Switzerland

An enchanting landscape characterized above all by nature and also by man would like to imagine.

At this tour in the picturesque Saxon Switzerland, visit the viewpoint “Basti” and/or the Fortress Königstein during a half-or full-day excursion. For the slightly more athletic I recommend to plan a little more time to move the legs a little more. It goes for hiking, e.g. Through the “Sweden holes”. I would be happy to accompany you on your tours in Saxon Switzerland, with the additional possibility to explore the Elbe sandstone mountains with a national park ranger.

Tip: Combine the excursion with a parking guide from Schloss Pillnitz. In summer, another building block is also a theatre or concert visit on the Rock stage Rathen.

Duration from 5 hours/cost from 190 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group