If you stay in Dresden for several days or have been to our town several times already, can get inspiration for excursions in the surrounding areas. Together we may explore: the Elbe Valley with the towns of Meißen, Moritzburg and Radebeul – or the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, our Saxon Switzerland with the great lookout Bastei, the town of Pirna, the fortress Königstein and many more. Visiting the Saxon Switzerland by bus, you can easily include a visit to Pillnitz Park and Palace.


Go on a walking tour of a smaller town, enjoy nature during a hike or a guided bike tour. Wine tastings, visiting a porcelain manufactory and much more is possible in Dresden’s surroundings. I am looking forward assisting you in arranging a suitable itinerary for your excursions.

Meißen Ausflug

City tour of Meissen

Here in Meißen, the cradle of Saxony, you find much more than “White Gold” – Meißen Porcelain. The historic center of the Old Town with its narrow streets and the many paths and stairs uphill to the castle hill invite us to take an enjoyable walking tour. On top the castle hill you may visit the cathedral (Dom) and the Albrechtsburg castle. Also a great viewing point can be found here to see the Elbe valley. The walking tour of Meissen takes about 90 minutes. Therefore you have time to include a visit of the porcelain manufactory, the castle or the cathedral as well. Tip: The excursion can be extended with a guided tour to Moritzburg or Radebeul for a full day trip. Duration from 5 hours (from/to Dresden)/costs from 220 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Bicycle excursion from Dresden to Meißen

A trip to Meissen – this time a bit different. By bike we leave the historic Old Town and go to the west of Dresden. Lot’s of industrial history formed this area, whereas also a special crane next to Palace Uebigau belongs to. On this guided bike tour we pass by the former suburbs of Dresden and reach Radebeul – the Saxon Nice in the middle of the Saxon Wine Route. After having a little stopover at the old village of Altkötzschenbroda, the landscape of the Elbe Valley can be admired from its best side. Lots of nature and the first granite rocks of Meissen are discoverd bevore we reach this small winderful town. We put the bikes aside and go on a guided walk through the old town of Meissen. We can also go and visit the Meissen Porcelain Manufactury. Going back to Dresden we use the bike path on the other side of the Elbe River and pass a formerly active windmill and see the first airport of Dresden. The famous Canaletto View will be a big highlight at the end of our guided bike tour. Suggestion: Since the steamsboats of the Saxon Steamboat Company also go to and from Meissen, we can get onboard for a smaller or larger part of this tour.  For this longer bike tour (6h min.) we can organize a lunch bag for you or reserve seats at a restaurant/beer garden or winery along the route.  We look forward putting together the right tour for you and your group.

Duration from 6 hours/costs from 250 EUR (incl. VAT, max. 15 persons per guide)

Meißen Fahrradausflug

Bus tour to Moritzburg

Duke and Elector Moritz of Saxony erected a hunting castle in the northwest of Dresden, in the 16th century. No other than Augustus the Strong built a baroque style castle out of that in the 18th century. We can walk along the artificial lakes and beautiful forests of Moritzburg and visit the castle itself during this guided tour. Also a bike tour through this area is a special experience. I would like to give you a personalized offer for your excursion. Tip: Combine this tour with a ride on the narrow gauge railway “Lößnitzdackel” from Moritzburg to Radebeul or in the other direction.

Duration from 3 hours (from/to Dresden)/costs from 145 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Touring Dresden-Pillnitz Park & Palace

You are invited to explore the park of Pillnitz Park & Palace during a guided tour with me. Already Augustus the Strong used this palace as a destination for his many gondola tours along his “Canale Grande” (our Elbe River). Summer festivals and different games like “running at the ring” took place. After the Augustinian era the royals of Saxony planted many rare plants and trees, we can still admire today. The most famous one is the oldest Camellia in Europe, dating back to the 18th century. Tip: Combine this excursion to Pillnitz with a Dresden city tour or a tour to Saxon Switzerland. It is also possible to ride a paddle steamer from/to Pillnitz.

Duration ca. 1 hour/costs from 90 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Parkführung Pillnitz

Bike tour to Dresden-Pillnitz

We explore the Elbe Valley east of the city center of Dresden during this guided bike tour to Dresden-Pillnitz. While biking along the river we pass by monumental bridges, enjoy the romantic Elbe Valley with its vineyards and Palaces. In Dresden-Blasewitz we switch sides via the Blue Wonder Elbe Bridge. Passing by wonderful villas and former wineries, we leave Loschwitz and Hosterwitz behind us. Soon after Pillnitz Park and Palace is reached by bike. Get to know the park during a guided walk before heading back to the city center of Dresden. Suggestion: It is possible to go back with a motor vessel or steamboat by the Saxon Steamboat Company. We can help you fining the right option for your guided bike tour. Please note that entrance fees have to be paid at Pillnitz Park. If you tend to spend more time for this guided tour or just like to make it more comfortable, we can reserve seats at one of the restaurants or beer gardens on the way or pick up lunch bags for a picnic on the Elbe Meadows.

Duration from 4 hours/costs from 200 EUR (incl. VAT/max. 15 persons per guide)

Guided tour of Radebeul

As a tour guide I offer different guided city tours in Radebeul, which lies to the west of Dresden and is a beautiful town. Winegrowing and houses for the wealthy pensioners formatted this area. In our German “Nice” also Karl May used to live and write stories about Native Americans and cowboys. Radebeul can be easily discovered by bus but also by walking. Especially a little stroll through Altkötzschenbroda or the vineyards is great. If you enjoy biking, I invite you for a guided tour along the vineyards and winery houses. I would like to put together an individual offer for your excursion to Radebeul. I would be happy to provide you with an individual offer for a guided tour of Radebeul.  

Duration upon agreement/Costs upon request

Radebeul walking tour

Saxon Switzerland - Elbe Sandstone Mountains

Touring the Saxon Switzerland

This picturesque landscape especially shaped by nature but also by men would like to introduce itself to you. A half or full day guided tour of the beautiful Saxon Switzerland may include the Bastei rock formation and/or the Fortress Königstein. If you are more active fit, you should plan a bit more time to go hiking. We are looking forward accompanying you on this excursion at the Saxon Switzerland or you choose to take a national park ranger. Suggestion: Combine this excursion with a guided visit of Pillnitz Park & Palace. Another option would be to visit  a theater  play or concert at the natural stage Felsenbühne Rathen.

Duration from 5 hours/costs from 220 EUR (incl. VAT) per group