Dresden Walking Tours

Dresden Walking Tour Old Town

This two hour walking tour leads us through the Altstadt (Old Town) and I would like to explain the beautiful buildings and unique history of our town. Our guided walk includes visits to the most beautiful building complex in our Dresden – the Zwinger, as well as the Residence Palace, Theater Square with the famous Semper Opera House, our Catholic Court Church, the Procession of Princes and passes by the newly rebuilt Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) and the Brühl’s terrace – the “Balcony of Europe”.

If you rather like to visit other places in Dresden’s city center, I am glad to make your wishes come true.

Duration from 2 hours/costs from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Dresden Walking Tour Inner New Town

Many hundred years ago there was a village called Old Dresden on the other side of the Elbe River of Dresden. A disaster happened at the end of the 17th century, most of the district was on fire and it destroyed this part of Dresden badly. Elector Augustus the Strong planned the reconstruction. The “New royal town near Dresden” was born. Venture with me to see if we can still see anything from that time? This guided walking tour offers some surprises on the way.

Duration 2 hours/costs from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Walking Tour in Dresden’s Outer New Town

This special district in Dresden – Antonstadt – is famous for its many pubs, bars, restaurants and its alternative inhabitants. Especially young Dresdeners know about the nightlife of the Antonstadt. Also during daytime this former suburb shows many great places, which you would never expect when being here during night time.

I would like to introduce you to the author Erich Kästner, the former apartment buildings of the workers, forgotten industrial areas, a farm, great decorated courtyards and also the “most beautiful dairy shop in the world” during our city tour.

Duration 2 hours/costs from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Dresden Towns Women – a costume tour

The Dresden towns women – courtly licensed City Guides – invite you to a walking tour of the Old Town or around the Dresden Frauenkirche. Our time is set around 1900.

We gossip and tell of the mineral water, of the first mailbox, of pickles and chocolate, of dead chickens and secret liaisons! “Normal” Facts will be in as well. Curious?

Duration 90 minutes/costs from 170 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

DresdenWalks – English and German daily Walking Tours

Together with other Dresden tourist guides, I am offering public Walking tours for everyone in the Old Town. DresdenWalks exists now for more than 10 years and the walks are on daily in English and German.

Start: Daily 12:00 noon in English / additional time June-September = 14:30; Daily 10:30 am (April-October) or 12:00 noon (November-March) in German language

Meeting point: Schlossplatz Square, right next to the staircase to Brühl’s terrace

Duration 1.5-2 hours/costs 12 EUR per person English, 10 EUR per person German

Walking Tour for disabled guests

All city tours and the Dresden City Scavenger Hunts are also available for disabled guests.

We, myself and selected colleagues, have experience with physically and mentally handicapped children and adolescents as well as adults. Please let us know with your request which handicap guests have, so that we can look for the appropriate guide for your group.

If you do not have a bus for your group (wheelchair users), you can book a suitable one at Taetertours. The city of Dresden has also issued a city guide for people with mobility disabilities.

Duration from 2 hours/costs from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Walking Tour: Around the Frauenkirche Church and Neumarkt Square

A lot of new buildings have been created around the Frauenkirche/Church of our Lady at Neumarkt Square. The old Dresden becomes more alive again. On this tour we will show you what has been built in recent years, what history and stories are hidden behind it.

If you want to make the tour even more vivid, you can book the “Dresden Citizens Women” of the 1900’s. You will also hear gossip from the old times.

Duration approx. 1, 5-2 hours/costs from 110 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Walking Tour: The Baroque ages in Dresden

This guided tour of Dresden’s Old town brings us to the footsteps of the Saxon elector and Polish kings, August the strong and his son. Among the two rulers, our city experienced the culmination of Baroque architecture, consolidating and building the reputation of the city of art and culture further. All this cost the locals of Dresden also a lot of money, patience….

We explore the old town of Dresden and part of the Dresden Neustadt on this tour.

Duration from 2 hours/costs from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group