Walking Tour

Dresden city Tour Old Town

This two-hour walking tour leads through the old town and I would like to explain to you the wonderful buildings and unique history of Dresden. The city tour includes the most beautiful Baroque building ensemble of Dresden – The kennel, passes past the residence castle, the theatre square with the Semperoper, at Catholic Hofkirche, the procession, further to the rebuilt Frauenkirche and over the Brühl terrace – The balcony of Europe.

If you want to explore more or other corners of the old Town during the tour, I will gladly arrange for your personal wishes.

Duration from 2 hours/cost from 90 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

Dresden City tour Inner Neustadt

Many hundred years ago, the village of Old Dresden was already on the opposite Elbe of Dresden. A great misfortune happened at the end of the 17th century. In the early 1900s – almost the entire district was in flames, which quickly spread and destroyed old Dresden. Under August the strong was then coordinated the reconstruction. The “New King City of Bey Dresden” was created.

What do we see today? Let yourself be surprised by the inner new Town during this guided tour.

Duration 2 hours/cost 90,-EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

City tour in Dresden’s outer New town

The pub and scene District outer Neustadt/Antonstadt is a name for many Dresden-especially the younger ones. But also during the day, Dresden and guests of the city find many interesting little things that are not even suspected in the Antonstadt.

I would like to make you acquainted with the most recent district of Dresden and invite you to the city tour of the district. Erich Kästner, worker residential developments, old industrial areas, a farm, the imaginatively designed Kunsthof passage and also the “most beautiful milk shop in the world” the pound dairy I will present to you during the city tour.

Duration 2 hours/cost from 90,-EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

Dresden Citizen Women – a costume tour

The Dresden Citizen women – courtly licensed City Guides – invite you to the city tour around the Dresden Frauenkirche for the end of the 19th century. Century.

We gossip and tell of the mineral water, of the first mailbox, of sour cucumbers and chocolate, of dead chickens and secret liaisons! Curious? Then book on time!

The citizens of Dresden

Duration 90 minutes/cost from 150,-EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

DresdenWalks – English and German public tours

Together with other Dresden guest guides, I have been offering public city tours for everyone in the old town in English and German at Dresdenwalks for quite some time.

Start: Daily 12 o’clock in English; Daily 10.30 pm (April-October) or 12 O’Clock (November-March) in German language

Meeting point: Castle Square, right next to the staircase to the Brühl’s terrace

Duration 2 hours/cost 12 EUR per person English, 10 EUR per person German

City tour for disabled guests

All city tours and the Dresden City rally are also available for disabled guests.

We, myself and selected colleagues, have experience with physically and mentally handicapped children and adolescents as well as adults. Please let us know with your request which handicap the guests have, so that we can use the appropriate guide for your group.

If you do not have a bus for your group (wheelchair users), you can book a suitable one at Taetertours. The city of Dresden has also issued a city guide for people with mobility disabilities.

Duration from 2 hours/cost from 90 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

City tour: Ring around the Frauenkirche and the Neumarkt

A lot of new things have been created around the Frauenkirche at the Neumarkt. The old Dresden becomes more alive again.

Often the question of (old) Dresden came to be led over the square and to get to know the new side streets. On this tour we will show you what has been built in recent years, what history and stories are hidden behind it.

If you want to make the tour even more vivid, you can book the “Dresden Citizens Women” of the 19th century. Century. Then it is right from the old time gossiped.

Duration ca. 1, 5-2 hours/cost from 90, 90 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group

Guided tours in the Semperoper Dresden

Together with the Semperoperführungen, I offer you again the possibility to get to know one of the most beautiful opera houses of Germany.

The present building was inaugurated in the year 1985. The approximately 45-minute opera tour gives you an insight into the Semperoper of Dresden. Quiet and magnificent foyers, vestibules, which remind us of an oriental fairytale world and the area of the rebuilt auditorium and the technically very demanding stage area, I would like to introduce you. Let yourself be enchanted.

Duration ca. 45 minutes/Cost 30 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group plus management fee Semperoper experience

City Tour: The Baroque age in Dresden

This guided tour of Dresden’s Old town brings us to the footsteps of the Saxon elector and Polish kings, August the strong and his son. Among the two regents, our city experienced the culmination of Baroque architecture, consolidating and building the reputation of the city of art and culture further. All this cost the Dresdner but also a lot of money, patience…. Our search for clues does not only include the kennel.

We explore the old town of Dresden and part of the Dresden Neustadt on this tour.

Duration from 2 hours/cost from 90 EUR (incl. VAT) Per group