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Guided Tours Dresden with Discover Dresden

Blick auf Frauenkirche und Zitronenpresse in Dresden

Walking Tour: Dresden Old Town

This two hour walking tour leads us through the Altstadt (Old Town) and I would like to explain the beautiful buildings and unique history of our town. Our guided walk includes visits to the most beautiful building complex in our Dresden – the Zwinger, as well as the Residence Palace, Theater Square with the famous Semper Opera House, our Catholic Court Church, the Procession of Princes and passes by the newly rebuilt Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) and the Brühl’s terrace – the “Balcony of Europe”.

If you rather like to visit other places in Dresden’s city center, I am glad to make your wishes come true.


duration from 2 hours / price from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Dresden Neustadt Königstraße

Walking Tour: Dresden’s baroque New Town

Many hundred years ago there was a village called Old Dresden on the other side of the Elbe River of Dresden. A disaster happened at the end of the 17th century, most of the district was on fire and it destroyed this part of Dresden badly. Elector Augustus the Strong planned the reconstruction. The “New royal town near Dresden” was born.

Venture with me to see if we can still see anything from that time? This guided walking tour might offer some surprise for you, too.


duration 2 hours / price 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Kunsthofpassage Dresden, Hof der Elemente

Dresden Walking Tour: Outer New Town

Dresden’s Alternative Quarter

This special district in Dresden – Antonstadt or Outer New Town – is famous for its many pubs, bars, restaurants and its alternative inhabitants. Especially young Dresdeners know about the nightlife of the Antonstadt. Also during daytime this former suburb shows many great places, which you would never expect when being here during night time. I would like to introduce you to the author Erich Kästner, the former apartment buildings of the workers, forgotten industrial areas, a farm, great decorated courtyards and also the “most beautiful dairy shop in the world” during our city tour.

duration 2 hours / price 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Kostümführung mit der Bürgerfrau Helene

Dresden Towns Women – a Walking Tour in Costums

The Dresden Towns Women – royal licenced city guides – invite you to take part in a walking tour discovering the buildings and the land around the Church of our Lady (Frauenkirche) not in the 21st but during the late 19th century.

We gossip a lot and tell you also about mineral water, the first mailbox, about pickles and chocolate, death chicken and secret liasions! Getting nosy? Book promptly!

Dresden Towns Women

duration 90 minutes / price from 150 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

DresdenWalks dresden walking tour

DresdenWalks – English and German daily Walking Tours

Together with other Dresden guides I offer daily walking tours of the historic city center of Dresden for everybody to join – in English and German.

Tours start daily at 12 noon in English (at 10.30 a.m. in German from April-October and at 12 noon from November-March)

Meeting point: Schlossplatz Square (next to the large flight of stairs leading onto the Bruehl’s terrace)

Fee: 12 EUR per person (English)

Find more information about DresdenWalks.

duration 2 hours / price 12 EUR per person English, 10 EUR per person German

Rundgang mit Residenzschloss

City Tours for disabled Guests

We offer all guided walking tours and the Dresden city rally for guests with disabilities as well.

We, me and other selected guides, are experienced in guiding mentally and physically handicapped children, teens and adults. Please let us know about the kind of disabilities of the guests, so that we are able to find the best guide for your group.


duration from 2 hours / price from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Blick auf den Neumarkt mit der Frauenkirche

Walking Tour: Neumarkt square and the surrounding of the Church of our Lady

English description is following!


Viel Neues ist rings um die Frauenkirche am Neumarkt entstanden. Das alte Dresden wird wieder lebendiger.

Oft kam die Anfrage von (Alt-) Dresdnern doch über den Platz geführt zu werden und die neuen Seitenstraßen kennen zu lernen. Bei diesem Stadtrundgang zeigen wir Ihnen, was in den letzten Jahren gebaut wurde, welche Geschichte und Geschichten sich dahinter verbergen.

Wer die Tour noch lebendiger haben möchte, bucht sich die „Dresdner Bürgerfrauen“ des 19. Jahrhunderts. Da wird dann richtig aus der alten Zeit getratscht.

duration appr. 1.5-2 hours / price from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Führung in der Semperoper Dresden

Tours in the Semper Opera House Dresden

In cooperation with Semperoperführungen, I offer to discover one of the most beautiful opera houses in Germany.

The opera house or old “Court Theater” had been built three times already by or after the plans of Gottfried Semper. Today’s opera house was reconstructed after World War 2 and reopened in 1985. The tour at the Semper Opera House takes about 45 minutes.

We would like to introduce you to the calm and precious foyers; vestibules, which remind us of oriental fairy tales as well as the completely reconstructed auditorium and the technical impressive stage area – an enchanting tour.

duration appr. 45 minutes / price 30 EUR (incl. VAT) per group, plus entrance fee

Blick in den Dresdner Zwinger

Walking Tour: The baroque era in Dresden

This city tour leads us through the historic Old Town of Dresden – following the famous Saxon Elector and Polish King, Augustus the Strong and his son. Our town reached its peak in baroque architecture with them. They confirmed and improved the reputation as a town of arts and culture. All this cost a lot – paid not only with money by Dresden citizens but also time and patience.

We would like to introduce you during our walking tour not only to the Zwinger Palace but show you that the Old Town and New Town of Dresden offer a lot more.


duration from 2 hours / price from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Police Headquarter Dresden

Psychology writes History© Tour: Deconstructing the Hitler Myth

Our New-Dresdener Seema is introducing a tour to mark the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden and the end of World War II. As a studied psychologist she got curious about how Germans were enthralled into accepting the charismatic but catastrophic leadership of Hitler? She will talk about the ‘Hitler Myth’, ist propaganda and the huma nemotions & motivations which shaped that dark period of history. Go on a guided walk through the historic city centre with Seema and look at it through a different ‘lens’. Discover many sites that bring history alive.

This tour is available in English only!


duration 2 h / price 135 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

A detail of Altmarkt Square in Dresden

Psychology writes History© Tour: High hopes and false promises- Dresden’s long wait for freedom

The devastating Nazi era played itself out in Dresden and was followed by another totalitarian regime. Listen to the stories of this period by taking a different kind of walk through Dresden’s city centre with Seema, who is a psychologist. She will give you a deeper look, not just at the 3rd Reich era and Hitler, and the repression during the Cold War, but also at the personal courage and dissention that finally dissolved the Communist rule and led to the reunification of Germany in 1989.

This tour is available in English only.

Extension: Have you seen the movie “The Life of Others” that vividly brought this time under Communist rule and the much hated Stasi (State Security Police) to life? Visit the former Stasi Prison in Dresden as an extension of the above tour. Here people were held, interrogated and imprisoned. It is a reminder of the fact that oppressive regimes themselves sow the seeds of their own opposition.

(for this part of the tour no transportation/entrance fee is included in the costs below)

duration 2 h (extension + 1.5h) / price 135 EUR (incl. VAT/ Extension: + 50 EUR) per group