Guided Tours Dresden with Discover Dresden

Fahrradführung - Start in Dresden

City Tour: Dresden by Bike

Discover the green area of Dresden during a 2-3 hour bike tour through the city.

Comfortably by bike we pass by the former suburbs of Dresden, visit the Mozart fountain, the modern Transparent Manufactory and take a ride through the Grand Garden (Grosser Garten) to get to really nice districts of Dresden. Striesen is first, soon we see the Elbe meadows of Dresden-Blasewitz and the Elbe slopes of Dresden-Loschwitz. We enjoy this beautiful spot here before returning to the city center with our tour guide. There we are going to put our bikes aside and take a little walking tour to see the historic buildings. I would also be happy to put together a very individual tour after your on wishes.

If you are in Dresden without your bike, we can rent some, too. Our recommendation for small groups: rent bikes with nextbike.

duration from 2 hours / price from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Guided bike tour to Pillnitz Park and Palace

We explore the Elbe Valley east of the city center of Dresden during this guided bike tour to Dresden-Pillnitz. While biking along the river we pass by monumental bridges, enjoy the romantic Elbe Valley with its vineyards and Palaces. In Dresden-Blasewitz we switch sides via the Blue Wonder Elbe Bridge. Passing by wonderful villas and former wineries, we leave Loschwitz and Hosterwitz behind us. Soon after Pillnitz Park and Palace is reached by bike. Get to know the park during a guided walk before heading back to the city center of Dresden.

Suggestion: It is possible to go back with a motor vessel or steamboat by the Saxon Steamboat Company. We can help you fining the right option for your guided bike tour. Please be aware that entrance fees need to get paid at Pillnitz Park. If you tend to spend more time for this guided tour or just like to make it more comfortable, we can reserve seats at one of the restaurants or beer gardens on the way or pick up lunch bags for a picnic on the Elbe Meadows.

duration from 4 hours / price from 200 EUR (incl. VAT) per group - no more than 20 pax/group

Bike tour passing by vineyards in Meissen

Guided bike tour from Dresden to Meissen

A trip to Meissen – this time a bit different.

By bike we leave the historic Old Town and go to the west of Dresden. Lot’s of industrial history formed this area, whereas also a special crane next to Palace Uebigau belongs to. On this guided bike tour we pass by the former suburbs of Dresden and reach Radebeul – the Saxon Nice in the middle of the Saxon Wine Route. After having a little stopover at the old village of Altkötzschenbroda, the landscape of the Elbe Valley can be admired from its best side. Lots of nature and the first granite rocks of Meissen are discoverd bevore we reach this small winderful town. We put the bikes aside and go on a guided walk through the old town of Meissen. We can also go and visit the Meissen Porcelain Manufactury. Going back to Dresden we use the bike path on the other side of the Elbe River and pass a formerly active windmill and see the first airport of Dresden. The famous Canaletto View will be a big highlight at the end of our guided bike tour.

Suggestion: Since the steamsboats of the Saxon Steamboat Company also go to and from Meissen, we can get onboard for a smaller or larger part of this tour. For this longer bike tour (6h min.) we can organize a lunch bag for you or reserve seats at a restaurant/beer garden or winery along the route. We look forward putting together the right tour for you and your group.

duration from 6 hours / price from 230 EUR (incl. VAT) for up to 20 pax/group