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Guided Tours Dresden with Discover Dresden

Dresden Blick auf die Elbe und die Altstadt vom Turm der Frauenkirche

Dresden Combo City Tour

A complete overview of Dresden is given during this 3-hour city tour by bus and on foot.

It is a compact tour for your first visit to Dresden, where you not only discover the historic center during a little stroll but also get to know the former suburbs of our town.

You should plan about 60-90 minutes for the city tour by bus to get to know the Golden Horseman and the governmental district as well as the area around the Grand Garden (Grosser Garten) and the villa districts with the beautiful wedding-hall ad the “Blue Wonder”. The remaining 90-120 minutes are best used to discover the Altstadt (Old Town) during a walking tour. I would like to introduce you to the Zwinger, Semper Opera House on Theater Square, the Procession of Princes, the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) and the famous Brühl’s terrace.

If you don’t travel with you own coach I kindly offer to book a suitable one for you.


duration 3 hours / price from 140 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Blick über den Theaterplatz in Dresden gen Osten

Dresden City Tour by Bus

Get to know the most famous sights of the city center as well as its great former suburbs within two hours during our guided city tour.

At first we are taking a glance at the Altstadt (Old Town), move on to the Neustadt (New Town) of Dresden where we find the most beautiful baroque street in our town and the most beautiful dairy shop in the world. Next stations of our driving tour are going to be the New Synagogue, the German Hygiene Museum and Transparent Manufactory at the Grand Garden (Grosser Garten). The further we drive away from the center, Dresden seems to get even greener and the villas more beautiful. Technical miracles, like the Loschwitzer Elbe Bridge “Blue Wonder” are included also. Not to forget the treasures of Dresden – our Elbe Palaces. To finish the guided tour, I would like to explore the Zwinger with you – on foot.

If you don’t travel with your own coach I kindly offer to book a suitable one for your group for this city tour.


duration from 2 hours / price from 100 EUR (incl. VAT) per group

Schloss Albrechtsberg bei der Elbtalführung in Dresden

City Tour: Dresden Elbe Valley

July 2004-2009 the Elbe Valley of Dresden was known as UNESCO world heritage site. The title is gone – but our Elbe Valley is still there.

In this part of the town nature & architecture, city & landscape are combined. Dresden’s Elbe Valley not only comes alive through its culture & science but also its special history. To discover the secrets of this place I would like to invite you to attend a special city tour. Stretching from Castle Übigau to the historic city center then further up to the three Elbe Palaces and Pillnitz Park and Palace. For sportsmen I offer a half-day biking tour along the Elbe River or paddling with a large canoe* on the river itself. Maybe you would rather do a 3-hour driving tour or a stroll through the city center? We have something suitable for everyone. I would be glad to send an offer for your group.

*In co-operation with canoe club Verein Kanusport Dresden e.V.


duration special agreement / price personal offer

ehemaliges Haus von Victor Klemperer

City Tour: Victor Klemperer in Dresden

This new city tour follows the footsteps of Victor Klemperer in Dresden and brings you to the places he writes about in his well-known diaries.

More than ten years ago Victor Klemperer’s diaries have been published with the help of his later wife Hadwig. Have you read his diaries “I shall bear witness” and “To the bitter end”- telling us about the (pre-) war period from 1933 through 1945? You might be interested as I was myself, to explore the sites in Dresden he describes.

This city tour is a driving tour and shows you for example his private house and graveyard in Dresden-Dölzschen, the former Jewish Houses and his workplace the Technical University Dresden.

Attention: For this city (driving) tour you need your own (small) bus or car. I can also book a suitable vehicle for this excursion for you.


duration appr. 3 hours / price from 140 EUR (incl. VAT) per group