Guided Tours Dresden with Discover Dresden » NEW: GPS City Rallye Dresden

Guided Tours Dresden with Discover Dresden

Explore Dresden’s Old Town with a GPS-device and questionnaire in about 2.5-3 hours. Follow one of the famous architects forming our town in the 19th century.

Find your way around town with the help of special codes during this GPS-City Rallye. A tourist guide will give you more historical details about the most famous sights on the way. Find a treasure at the end of the tour.

This GPS-Rallye is similar to the famous geocaching and suitable for adult groups (team events, program for conventions, as well as for family and friends), but also for teens and schools (age 14/15 and up).

Max. 5 team members per GPS device. One guide for up to 3 teams.

There are more GPS scavenger hunts following in Dresden.