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Dresden Highlights

By Peter Hirth (photographer) and Ulrike Striebeck (author)

In the photo series you will find 50 goals that you should have seen in one – or rather several – Dresden stays. Our guest guide colleague Ulrike Striebeck has commented on the beautiful pictures and thus also makes you want more. And who wants to explore the places themselves (or at a city tour) on site.


Available in bookstores or directly at Bruckmann.

Duration/cost 25.99,-EUR

“Discovering Dresden – the city guide for Children”

by Matthias Stresow (June 2006)

Discover Dresden with your children. This book is particularly suitable for Dresden and/or Dresden connoisseurs.

The book is built as a reference work and offers basic knowledge, interesting details, excursion tips, puzzles, game suggestions, maps and more. The city guide for children is also very attractively illustrated.

ISBN: 3-89479-315-5

Duration–/cost 14.90,-EUR

Big city Seducer Dresden

City guide with map, Rummy game, reading book

The Rummy presents on 110 maps in four tours the Royal Dresden, the Old town, the new town and the Elbauenpark, including not all Dresden’s well-known sights and places, which are too far from the shot for tourism.

Put together your own tour!

ISBN 978-3-939034-07-0

Duration—/costs 14.90,-EUR

Dresden and Saxony travel guide

Landeskundlicher travel guide “Dresden and Saxony”

A comprehensive and detailed presentation of the sights of the Dresden Historical Centre, its history and architecture is shown as well as an insight into other Saxon regions. On this CD you will discover even more than in the online version.

Duration–/cost 12.80,-EUR

When I was a little boy

by Erich Kästner

Kästner tells of his childhood, which he spent in Dresden. Dive into the beginning of the 20th century. century and can be carried not only through the outer Neustadt. Beautiful episodes that you can compare with today’s time.

ISBN: 978-3-7915-3010-9

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Duration–/cost 12, 90 EUR

Gift Recommendation: Tour Dresden

Looking for an original gift?

Perhaps the guided city tour is what you are looking for. The gift idea for Dresden lovers! Visit also the website:

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